Our Service is Out of This World

Established in 2006, Out O’ Space Storage has been catering to clients’ storage concerns ensuring client satisfaction is met. With convenient gate hours and a lot of functionality to perk you up and ease your stress like free Wi-Fi on site, dolly & flatbed carts, sales of supplies on-site and many others, you are sure to love Out O’ Space Storage – Cantonment.


Our tenants are treated to convenient office and gate hours in a sturdily built and well-secured property. Our property is protected with an electronic gate that uses a gate access code to verify tenants. We also have high-tech security surveillance equipment on site which record video footage of activities happening on the property.


At Out O’ Space Storage – Cantonment, our tenants are pampered with a clean environment and storage with well-lit buildings and aisles. Each unit is protected with disc locks and tenants are at liberty to bring their own padlocks if they want. All storage areas at our property are ground-level with no stairs or elevators and each has drive-up access, making it a lot more convenient.


As you get ready to rent, we know you have a lot of options. However, once you visit Out O’ Space Storage in Cantonment, FL, we are sure that you won’t need to look anywhere else.


What is there to like about our storage property? Well, for starters, we have a great selection of storage sizes, so you can pick something that fits your needs. Also, we have outstanding customer service, fair prices, and much more. Don’t waste any more time shopping for storage when you can visit Out O’ Space Storage and get the job done.


Notable Features

  • 24-hour gate access
  • Clean storage
  • Vehicle storage
  • Temperature controlled (and non-temperature controlled)
  • File storage
  • Accept major credit cards

Focus on Security

  • Perimeter fencing
  • Well-lit grounds
  • Security cameras

Whatever it is that you expect out of your storage, there’s a good chance we’ll be able to meet your needs at Out O’ Space Storage in Cantonment. Contact us right away to get started.